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  1. us sign (-), it means it is correcting nearsighted astigmatism
  2. No, not high. I would consider it moderate, and it is enough to require correction in both glasses and contact lenses. Another measure you could apply is 'what.
  3. us power) and hypermetropic (plus power) eye. A cylindrical lens, as the name suggests, is a part of a cylinder. That means, the 'power' of the lens is more along one straight-line of the lens
  4. The term sphere means that the correction for nearsightedness or farsightedness is spherical, or equal in all meridians of the eye. Cylinder (CYL) Cylinder indicates the amount of lens power needed for astigmatism. It always follows the sphere power on an eyeglass prescription
  5. CYL (Cylinder) CYL is a + or - value in 0.25 steps and is required to correct your astigmatism. If you have an astigmatism, you will find a + or - value in this box. You will also have a corresponding AXIS value (see below). When no astigmatism correction is required the optician will leave the box blank
  6. CYL. CYL is an abbreviation of cylinder which indicates the lens power your doctor is prescribing to correct your astigmatism

Dr. George Yang answered. Astigmatism: The 'cyl' column in your eye prescription refers to astigmatism. You can think of astigmatism like warping on the surface of your eye -- like a footb Read More. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Cylinder (CYL) - This indicates the amount of lens power for astigmatism and represents the difference in the greatest and weakest powers of the eye, usually separated by 90 degrees. If nothing appears in this column, either you have no astigmatism, or your astigmatism is so slight that it is not necessary to correct it with your eyeglass lenses

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  1. CYL/Cylinder: This gives an indication of whether or not you have astigmatism. Astigmatism is a relatively common condition whereby the eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than being perfectly round, as you might expect. The higher the number of your CYL value, the more severe your astigmatism is
  2. Dr. George Yang answered. Astigmatism: The 'cyl' column in your eye prescription refers to astigmatism. You can think of astigmatism like warping on the surface of your eye -- like a football shape compared to a basketball shape. You have 2.5 diopters of astigmatism
  3. Cylinder (CYL) The cylinder number is how much astigmatism you have, if any. This is when part of the cornea has a different curve. Normally, an eye is shaped like a basketball—rotated any direction, the curve stays the same. An eye with astigmatism is more like a football—one curve is longer than the other
  4. 4. CYL & AXIS: a Cylinder (CYL) and Axis number (between 0 and 180 degrees) are required to correct Astigmatism. Both parameters will be required together. 5. ADD: provides magnifying power for reading, bifocal, multifocal and progressive lenses. You will most likely have the same number for both eyes that usually ranges between +0.75 and +3.00
  5. us cylinder notation. ADD is an abbreviation for Near Addition. This is the additional refractive power to be combined, or added, to the distance power to achieve the ideal near power
  6. If you do have a CYL number you will also have an axis number, based on a protractor scale that tells you where on the eye the astigmatism is found. For example, SPH -2.50 D CYL +5.00 Axis 40 means you have a nearsightedness of -2.50 dioptics with an astigmatism of +5.00 along the 40 degree axis
  7. A demonstration of the cross cyl technique with a patient with a small amount of astigmatism

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This eye issue occurs if one of your eyes, or both, are not in line with each other (meaning that they cannot focus on the same object). For lazy-eyed folks, prisms are useless. However, for people who, due to a birth defect, have an eye looking slightly off in a different direction, prisms correct the problem of double vision Axis and Cyl work together as a pair - you can't have one without the other. The axis value, always between 1 and 180 degrees, tells the lens maker where to place the astigmatism correction (the Cyl value). Prism and Base. If your eye muscles aren't working together as a team, we can use the prism and base values to correct them Corrected with -ve cylinder axis 180. In kids. Actually causes more defocus than ATR (lose more letters on eye chart). Can be + or minus 10 from 180. Defocuses horizonatal components of letters. ATR: the eye has more power HORIZONTALLY. Corrceted with -ve cyl axis 90. Causes least amount of letters lost on eye chart. Can be + or - 10 degres. The left eye (LE, or OS) is being prescribed -1.00 D sphere for myopia plus -0.50 D cylinder for the correction of astigmatism. The cyl power has its axis at the 180 meridian ( horizontal), meaning the 180 degree meridian of the eye has no added power for astigmatism and the vertical (90 degree) meridian gets the added -0.50 D Consequently, what is the normal eye SPH CYL and axis value? In reality, most normal eyes have about 0.50 diopters of negative cylinder power at axis 180 (horizontally), so a typical eye would have a prescription of plano (0.00 diopters sphere ) -0.50 x 180

Dr. George Yang answered. Astigmatism: The 'cyl' column in your eye prescription refers to astigmatism. You can think of astigmatism like warping on the surface of your eye -- like a football shape compared to a basketball shape. You have 2.5 diopters of astigmatism. Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers — it's. تاريخ الإجابة: 16 يناير 2018. Sphere-sph معناه قوة العدسة الكروية للنظارة ويمكن ان يكون موجب او سالب حسب نوع الضعف طول او قصر نظر Cylinder-cyl معناه قوة العدسة الاسطوانية في النظارة وقد يكون موجب او سالب. Cylinder, or CYL, refers to a type of correction your eye needs in a certain direction, or axis. This correction builds off the SPH correction we discussed above and is only present in a specific axis of the lens. In short, CYL means you have an astigmatism. Astigmatism is a very common condition and simply means your eye isn't perfectly round The Rx you entered already has a negative CYL. The positive equivalent is shown above. FREE SHIPPING over $ 99. More stock and faster shipping than your eye doctor. (It's true!) Follow Us facebook opens in a new window instagram opens in a new window twitter opens in a new window. Switch Currenc

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2. CYL : CYL هو اختصارا لكلمة Cylinder , و الذي يستخدم ل قياس الاستجماتيزم. و يوصف الاستجماتيزم باللابؤرية , حيث تتجمع الأشعة الواصلة إلى العين في عدة نقاط , و بالتالي تواجه العين صعوبة في التركيز في. cyl (اسطوانة العين): رقم التصحيح اللازم للانحراف الديوبتر: وحدات القياس المستخدمة لتحديد القوة البصرية للعدسة قياس ADD: هذا هو إضافة القراءة الخاصة بك ويتعلق مقدار التصحيح الإضافي اللازم. An AXIS will only be found on your prescription if there is a CYL value for the same eye. The AXIS, in degrees, is a number between 0 and 180. It is used to correctly orientate the cylinder correction when making your glasses. On some rare occasions, you may find an AXIS value with a decimal place or fraction

If your eye doctor detects a large change in your cylinder, it is not uncommon for them to reduce the cylinder using the principles of the spherical equivalent in order to help you adjust to your new glasses. New glasses containing a large change in cylinder can cause symptoms of eyestrain, dizziness and headaches For two, unlike your -2.00D roommate that you've already refracted 7 times, a virtual patient can be anything you like: Myopes, hyperopes, astigmats, even someone with amblyopia or cataracts that aren't capable of seeing 20/20. Become familiar with the theory and fundamentals behind retinoscopy. Learn how to recognize and correct different. If you have an astigmatism correction on your prescription, you'll have both CYL and AXIS values for one or both eyes. You'll see a minus (-) or plus (+) number in the CYL section (If your eye doctor gave you a handwritten prescription, the CYL section would be the second series of numbers followed by the AXIS.)

At Felix Gray, we can currently provide designer prescription glasses online with a spherical value (SPH) between -6.00 and +4.00 up to a -/+2.00 cylinder (CYL). If you have astigmatism, we need both your cylinder and axis values in order to fulfill your prescription. If you need a prescription, you can obtain one by scheduling an eye exam with. AXI stands for Axis which is direction of the astigmatism, calculated in degree. It points the position of astigmatism. The value is only present in this section if you have CYL number. The axis number ranges between 1 and 180. Number with 90 relates to vertical meridian and number with 180 corresponds to horizontal meridian of the eye Type 2: Spherical with Cylinder (CYL) Power. 30% people also have a CYL power. Cylinder is an angular defect and it is prescribed with two variables - CYL and AXIS. If you have a CYL, you will have an AXIS, else none. Note: For making these specs, we do not need other information of your prescription such as 6/6 or 6/4 or PD (pupillary distance Cylinder power always follows sphere power in an eyeglass prescription. Axis - If an eyeglass prescription includes cylinder power, it also must include an axis value, which follows the CYL power. The axis indicates the angle (in degrees) between the two meridians of an astigmatic eye. The axis is defined with a number from 1 to 180

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  1. AXIS refers to the angle of the astigmatism in your eye and has nothing to do with the severity of your prescription. These digits can be anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees such as 020, 090, 120 or 170 etc. In some instances, your optometrist may have written your CYL and AXIS freehand which can be separated by an X
  2. The more your eye looks like an American football (instead of a basketball), the more astigmatism you have. Axis is measured in degrees, and refers to where on the cornea the astigmatism is located. Axis numbers go from 0 to 180. If you think of the eye as a map hanging on a wall, the 90 degree axis or line, runs up and down (or north to south.
  3. This eye needs a cylinder of -0.75 and an axis of 173 to correct astigmatism, and an ADD power of +2.25 to correct near vision. The ADD value is usually present in a multifocal prescription. The left eye is prescribed with a sphere of -3.00 to correct nearsighted
  4. What is Cyl in eye prescription? Cyl stands for Cylinder. This is your level of astigmatism (visual distortion), which is the amount of 'extra' prescription you have. Astigmatism is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea and can lead to blurred or distorted vision
  5. CYL and AXIS. If you have astigmatism, CYL and AXIS will be full in your prescription. Astigmatism is where the eye is not completely spherical but shaped more like a football. CYL or cylinder is the degree of how flat your eye is
  6. PD is the distance from the center of the pupil (black circle) in one eye to the center of the pupil in the other eye. The PD is an essential measurement, and may be written with the Pupillary Distance listed for each eye respectively, for example RE: 31,5 LE: 31,5, or as one measurement PD: 63

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The contact lens sits on the surface of your eye, while your eyeglasses sit about 10-12 mm in front of your eyes; Regular soft contacts do not correct for your astigmatism, but your eye doctor will typically try to partially correct for it by changing the power of the lens. Your prescription will also contain an expiration date We'll be happy to contact your Eye Care Provider to verify your prescription for you. What do the numbers on my prescription mean? Your prescription may include the following: SPH, CYL, Axis, ADD and Pupillary Distance (PD). The first four parameters have to do with your visual correction. PD is a crucial measurement we need to make your glasses For example, if your prescription says -1.00, you have one diopter of nearsightedness.This is a fairly mild amount of nearsightedness.If you are -4.25, that means you have 4 and 1/4 diopters of. Like that, you will be able to know how bad is my eye prescription. CYL is the direct acronym for the cylindrical correction; in other words, we deal with astigmatism diagnose. This means the direction for correction concerning the astigmatism problem; He DV is another concept refereeing to the distance vision, and it is responsible for making.

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To read an eyeglass prescription, look for the labels O.D. and O.S., which stand for right eye and left eye respectively. If you're near-sighted or far-sighted, check the SPH column to find out how strong your lenses need to be. Additionally, read the CYL column to find the strength of lens you need to correct astigmatism Each number indicates information about your eye, vision, and how much correction is needed to achieve clear vision. Certain abbreviations and numbers refer to specific eye conditions, such as the following: CYL and AX values for toric or astigmatism correction. ADD values for add power or extra strength for bifocal or multifocal.

They indicate the strength of correction needed for that particular eye or, if OU is listed, both eyes. For example, if the field under OD reads -3.50 D, this indicates that you have 3.5 diopters of nearsightedness in your right eye. If the field under OD reads +2.00, this indicates that you have 2.00 diopters of farsightedness in the right eye Regular eye exams are an important part of keeping your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. At your eye exam, an eye doctor, optometrist, or ophthalmologist, will check for any signs of eye disease The Cylinder (Cyl) Cylinders or Cyls are prescribed to correct Astigmatism. Astigmatism relates to the shape of the front of the eyes, as the eye can be shaped like a rugby ball as opposed to spherical like a football; the rugby ball shape can cause vision to be distorted

This is because the CYL is demarcated by a positive sign in the right eye and a negative sign in the left eye. Different Optometrists will write the prescription down in different forms so they can look vastly different between eye examinations when in fact the prescription is fairly similar How to read an eye prescription. A person may require a different eye prescription for each eye. Identify a + sign: Positive numbers, such as +1.00, explain how strong a lens needs to be to. Rest assured this conversion does not alter the type or quality of the vision correction that your doctor prescribed you. The conversion will affect (change) the SPH, CYL, and AX parameters in your prescription, but will result in the exact same vision correction you were fit for by your doctor

CYL (or Cylinder) indicates you have a condition where the cornea and/or lens of the eye are irregularly shaped causing blurred vision, in other words, astigmatism. You may find a number listed which helps determine the amount of lens power that is needed to correct astigmatism This means that the right eye (OD) has -2.00 of nearsightedness or 2 diopters. This is a relatively low amount of nearsightedness. The second column denotes -1.00 diopters of astigmatism, and this person will need a 100-degree axis to correct the issue The 'CYLINDER' is the number that describes the amount of astigmatism that the eye has. Astigmatism is a measure of the curvature of the eye. The 'AXIS' is related to the cylinder curvature and shows the direction of where the eye is curved. These measurements are your eyeglass prescription numbers and are used to make glasses Spherical equivalents are often used by eye doctors to prescribe contact lenses for patients with low astigmatism or patients who want colored contact lenses (very few colored contact lens brands are able to correct astigmatism), to reduce the astigmatism in an eyeglass prescription for patients who have trouble adapting, or to compare overall.

Astigmatism can change over time as it only reflects the shape of the cornea, or the front window of your eye.In some eyes it can change more than expected. What does it mean when the axis of the cyl changes? When the axis of the cyl changes, it simply means that the front shape of your eye has changed The OS CYL number is the cylinder correction for your left eye. AXS or Axis, is the angle for correct the astigmatism in the eye, if one exists. It ranges from 1 to 180. If there is a Axis value for an eye, there MUST be an CYL (Cylinder) value on that eye as well. If no CYL value is on the prescription for that eye, or if the value is. Meridians of the eye are determined by superimposing a protractor scale on the eye's front surface. The 90-degree meridian is the vertical meridian of the eye, and the 180-degree meridian is the horizontal meridian. The cylinder axis of a prescription specifies in degrees how the cylinder component should be oriented in front of the eye

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Eye test results: If you've always wondered what all those vision test chart results actually mean when you have your eyes tested, read on!. The Eye Practice has put together a short guide to understanding short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism from the numbers on your glasses prescription The combined sphere and cylinder (cyl) values cannot be greater than a minus 8 or a plus 6, with the cyl value not being over plus 2 or minus 2. Please also note, we offer single vision lenses only. You should now have a better understanding of what your eyeglass prescription means which will help you select the right optical glasses for you.

+5.00 sph. / +1.50 cyl x 90 axis this lens is plus and the thickness it will be better than if we produce it as +6.50 sph. / -1.50 cyl x180 axis. so it is the same only the difference is the shape of the ophthalmic lens SPH + CYL = SPH of the other prescription Both CYLs should be of the same value but one is negative while the other is positive For AXIS, add or subtract 90 degrees to the original axis value to obtain the new value which must be between 0 and 180, for example if the original is 30 you add 90 to get 120; if the original is 140 you subtract 90. The letters OD indicate that the prescription is for your right eye; OS represents your left eye. Your prescription, including both eyes, will generally look something like this: OD -4.00 -1.50 x 180. OS +.50. Refractive Power - The first number in the series identifies your degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness The official Facel Vega shop by Amicale Facel Holland. Wishlist. Men CYL: Cylinder (usually a number between -2.25 and -0.75) AX: Axis Contact lens exams measure your eye surface so that doctors can prescribe a contact fitted for your exact eye shape. The prescription may also include how often your contacts should be replaced (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily) to avoid eye damage through infections caused.

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- Axis of sph. Cyl.Form • same as axis of cross cyl. Not chosen as sphere. 31. Transposition of Spherocylindrical lenses • One sphero-cyl. Form new Sph. Cylinder - New Sphere = algebric sum of old sphere and cyl. Form - New cyl. = old cyl with sign change - New axis at rt. Angle to the old axis 32. Spherical Lens Identification. Cylinder (CYL) This is for people with astigmatism. This is when one part of the eye needs more correction than the rest. The Cylinder value is written with a minus (-) sign. Axis This is only for people with astigmatism. The axis is a number between 0 and 180 and determines the orientation of the Cylinder (CYL)

The newborn eye averages a K value (diopters) of 51.2, while the adult eye averages a K value of 43.5 diopters.[12] Thus, although the focusing power of the eye decreases with age, there is a simultaneous trend away from hyperopia -- meaning the eye needs less additional corrective power -- because of simultaneous axial eye length increase as. Icoloured® Zombie Curse White Colored Contact Lenses. (42) Regular price $39.99 Sale price $23.90. Attention: Applicable for all people! The actual color is the picture without eye,The actual color effect depends on the customer's eye color. Plain and wide circle makes the eyes enlarging Cyl-Tec offers this convenient service in 6, 12, or 16 cylinder configurations. We assemble, install, and 100% nitrogen leak-test cradles, gas packs, and pallet manifolds before being shipped to you — eliminating the need for additional assembly at your fill plant. All you have to do is fill and ship

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  1. us (-) sign. Axis This is only for people with astigmatism. The axis is a number between 0 and 180 and deter
  2. Cylinder (CYL): A cylinder value is required for contact lenses for astigmatism. It is a negative value and represents any correction for the curvature of the cornea. CYL is required together with AXIS. AXIS (A/ACH/AXIS/AX): An axis (between 0O to 180O) describes the exact position of the curvature on the cornea
  3. lens from each eye (1.50D for a 66 centimeter working distance or 2.00D for a 50 centimeter working distance). Initial Maximum Plus to Maximum Visual Acuity (MPMVA) § Next, occlude the left eye, put several lines of letters on the eye chart (20/20 - 20/50 or 20/15-20/40) and ask the patient to read the smallest line they can
  4. CYL - short for cylinder - which indicates the strength of your astigmatism, if you have one. AXIS - the rotation of the cylindrical lens (CYL) that runs on a plane of 1-180 degrees. PL - short for plano - which means there is no vision correction needed
  5. My prescription is -0.75 sph and -0.25 cyl in one eye, and -0.25 sph and -0.75 cyl in the other. This sounds like nothing to me, but I am finding glasses make a REAL difference and I am wearing them all day, not just for driving
  6. The top number is the prescription for the right eye and the bottom number is the prescription for the left eye. 7. If there are no numbers for CYL, AXIS or ADD in your prescription, do not enter anything in these fields when ordering. When only one number appears for each eye, it is for the sphere power only. 8
  7. Cyl-V is the video recording experience in a package that works as well for fleet vehicles as it does for personal automobiles and performance car enthusiasts. Named after its unique cylinder profile and what users will come to depend on as the guardian angel of their driving safety and liability protection, Cyl-V is a single outward facing.

Buying eyeglasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses online. At FramesDirect.com, you'll find the largest online selection of authentic designer frames from top-selling makers, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Michael Kors, Gucci, and many others, at a fraction of the cost you'd pay elsewhere. Find frames in every conceivable color. Following BVS, cross-cyl and acuity check, inform the patient that you will be placing a lens in front of their right eye that will/may blur the letters on the chart While the left eye is still occluded, place a +1.00DS lens in front of the right eye Edited by Maureen A. Duffy, M.S., CVRT Preventive Eye Care and Eye Examinations Are Important Just as with annual physical examinations, it's equally important to have regular eye examinations. An annual eye examination is appropriate for most people. If you have glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or a family history of eye diseases or disorders, Continue Please note that we are unable to fulfil some prescriptions. Orders for very strong prescriptions are excluded, such as when the combined SPH and CYL is greater than +/-9.00, when the CYL is over +/-4.00, if there is more than a 5.00D difference between each eye or if the prism correction is over 4.00 in any direction OS is an abbreviation for the Latin oculus sinister, meaning left eye. The first number after the determination of which eye is the sphere. A negative number indicates myopia. A positive number indicates hyperopia. The second number in this prescription is the cylinder (astigmatism), and the third number is the axis of the cylinder component

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  1. If you already have a type of vertigo, the wrong glasses can exacerbate the problem. While headaches, blurred vision and vertigo may accompany the wrong prescription, these symptoms can also signal serious illnesses and should be looked into without delay. Vertigo is the sensation of dizziness and being off balance when sitting or standing
  2. SPH (or Sphere) indicates the eyeglass prescription power, or how strong your lenses need to be to correct your vision. CYL (or Cylinder) indicates astigmatism, a condition where the cornea is irregularly shaped causing blurred or distorted vision. It also tells the lens strength needed to fix it. AXIS describes the degree and direction of your.
  3. CYL or Cylinder number . This shows how much astigmatism you have and the number can be negative or positive. Astigmatism is when the front part of your eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a regular circle. If you don't have an astigmatism, there will be no figures written in the cylinder and axis boxes
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The prescription for each eye includes numbers indicating sphere, cylinder and axis. It sometimes includes other information such as bifocal power or prism correction. Eyeglass prescriptions are written in a standardized way to prevent confusion and misinterpretation. Occasionally a doctor will use the abbreviation RE for Right Eye and LE for. Blue light is a part of visible light in the 380-500nm range. It can lead to unwanted degradation processes inside the eye. It's especially important in case of VR headsets, as your eyes are extremely close to the display. How it works? BLP allows the lens to reflect excess blue light, protecting your eyes Astigmatism is a common vision problem caused by an irregularly shaped cornea that prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, the light-sensitive surface at the back of the eye. 1  The most common symptom is blurred or distorted vision at any distance. People with astigmatism may also. Order our colored contacts now for any occasion or enhance your daily look. TTDeye Polar Lights Brown Colored Contact Lenses. TTDeye Polar Lights Brown Colored Contact Lenses $29.50 $38.99. (469) Add to Cart

Contact Lens & Anterior Eye. 2010;33:88-92. 3. Dumbleton K, Woods C, et al. Patient and practitioner compliance with silicone hydrogel and daily disposable lens replacement in the United States Eye & Contact Lens. 2009;35(4):164-171. 4. Maple report: Comfort and compliance with frequent replacement soft contact lenses. Alcon data on file, 2009. 5 CYL / Cylinder: Cyl. and Axis compensate for astigmatism. Astigmatism means that the eye has difficulty focusing at certain angles. Axis: The axis is only present if there is a value in the Cyl. box. Axis specifies where the astigmatism is on your eye. The measurement is in Degrees. The values range between 0 and 180 CYL (Cylinder) This relates to any astigmatism that is present in your eyes. Astigmatism is a common condition which is caused when the eye is not perfectly spherical and it results in blurred vision as the eye is unable to focus the light entering the eye on the retina The top row or first column will always be for the right eye, abbreviated as OD. The second row or column will always be for the left eye, abbreviated as OS. Each row of an Rx has three main sections: Sphere (SPH), Cylinder (CYL), and AXIS. The SPH section corrects nearsighted or farsighted vision. The CYL and AXIS sections correct an astigmatism

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Spherical + (CYL<0.5) Cylindrical Power(>0.75) Toric Power. Explore By Colors. Green. Blue. Brown. Turquoise. View all colors. Solution. Small. Large. View all solutions . Sunglasses. A certified refractionist will visit you with latest eye testing machines & 100 trial frames. Try these frames at your home completely free Book appointment. The axis number on your prescription tells your optician in which direction they must position any cylindrical power in your lenses (required for people with astigmatism). This number shows the orientation or angle in degrees from 1 to 180. The number 90 means vertical position and 180 horizontal Best prices for all your Fluid power needs. Slade Hydraulics is a retailer of industrial components such as Hydraulic Cylinders, Gear Pumps, Hydraulic Control Valves, Power Units, Pneumatic Cylinders, and accessories. We work with leading manufacturers across the United States to provide you with the best products at amazing prices

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CYL - Cylinder (usually a number between -4.00 and +4.00) AX - Axis (usually a number between 0 and 180) Bifocal or Multifocal A smaller minority of patients require lenses that are bifocal or multifocal. Prescriptions for these types of lenses will contain an additional number with the following symbol/abbreviation Posted in Eye Health | April 6, 2018. An eye prescription is made by a subjective test, where the patient is required to answer a series of yes or no questions. Many tests are performed to check the health of the eyes, but the power of the glasses or lenses prescribed depends upon the answers the optometrist receives from the patient 5 Eye Mistakes to Avoid. Eye Mistakes That Will Damage Your Eye Health. Our eyes tend to be something we take for granted until there is an issue with their health or our vision. Eye health is a critical part of maintaining good vision and overall health throughout your life السلام عليكم قياس نظري ‏R Sph = 3.25 / cyl = 2.00 / Axis = 180 ‏L Sph = 1.75 / cyl = 3.50 / Axis = 180 +انحراف بسيط فيR eye بماذا يُنصح في هذه الحاله؟هل استطيع عمل تصحيح


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Fusing contemporary style with functionality, this cat eye frame from Titan is specially made for all the eyeglass frame aficionados. The timeless purple frame is made using plastic that ensures to last long. Showcasing full-rim style, these are a must-have. Besides, the unique design makes it comfortable to wear throughout the day SPH (sphere) A + in the box indicates that you are long-sighted which means you find it difficult to see things close to you. A - shows that you find it hard to see things that are far away without glasses. The number might be very small, like 0.25, or a large number, like 6.00. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lenses.

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